The selection process for the three categories of the competition was held from 13 until 22 August 2017 at Harbin Conservatory, the venue of the competition. In total the juries listened to 350 videos, each jury had 4 days for their evaluations.

The voting system was the same as it will be during the competition and as it is explained in the jury rules: the main voting was “yes/no”. All contestants who had 3 votes were automatically invited; in some cases the second voting by points had to decide when contestants had equal votes at the bottom line.

After the selection process a draw of lots was held at the Organization Committee: the Committee wants to profit from the fact that a “live draw” after arrival of all contestants has to be organized in hectic; at the same time we want to give contestants the advantage of planning their arrival in time from beforehand and to adjust themselves before the beginning of the competition.

For this reason we also publish the timetable for first rehearsals in the respective halls, as well as the exact performance schedule of round 1 in all 3 categories.